The files downloadable from this page contain code and input data used to model the Enceladus plumes, as observed by Cassini UVIS, the INMS Closed Source (CS) during the E7, E14, E17 and E18 flybys, and by the INMS Open Source (OS) during the E21 flyby. This code has multiple capabilities: (1) comparison of the modeled plume density to closed source data vs time and position along Cassini’s trajectories, (2) 3D plotting to compare the positions of modeled and measured density structure along Cassini’s trajectories, (3) optimization of the source flux of a continuous tiger stripe source distribution, or discrete jets, to match the CS data, and (4) estimation of the expected OS signal during the E21 flyby on the basis of a sensitivity function (from SIMION) and a plume model (from which the density and gas velocity distribution along Cassini’s trajectory are estimated). The version presented here is specifically configured to analyze the E21 data referenced in Waite, et. al. 2017. The included readme.txt contains instructions on how to run the model and short descriptions of each file.


(40 files; 19mb zipped)